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Welcome to the ASU Art Museum

We are a contemporary art museum that provides opportunities for students to see emerging artists and emergent art forms, participate in our artist-in-resident programs, hear artist lectures, research our collection and perform in our spaces. From internships to volunteer opportunities, there are many ways for students to be involved at the museum. We offer global perspectives on the world and forums for cross-disciplinary studies. Come and experience all the museum has to offer you.

"The ASU Art Museum tour was an unexpected highlight of my week. While I wasn’t looking forward to an early tour of what I thought was just another museum, the ASU Art Museum was extremely inspiring.

Before I had even walked inside the building, I was amazed at the architecture as I stepped down below ground level into the shadowy courtyard. After learning more about the history of the building from the museum curator, I fell in love even further with the aesthetics of the museum. I discovered Antoine Predock was the mastermind behind the museum’s design and that he was inspired by Egyptian and Mayan architecture when creating the building.

In addition, I was interested in the behind-the-scenes part of the tour as I had the chance to see how the artwork is stored and cared for. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see areas of the museum people don’t usually have the chance to see. I was also thrilled to find out that, by appointment, I can choose to visit the print study room and see pieces of art up close and without glass frames.

I could go on about my first experience at the museum because I was so absorbed by it but I will just end with – I love the ASU Art Museum and I cannot wait to spend more time there."

-Alexis Bledsoe (current ASU Herberger Institute student)