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Latinx and Latin American

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The ASU Art Museum collection has strength in Mexican works from the 20th century; folk art; and contemporary work from Brazil and Cuba.

Latinx and Latin American works entered the collection at the inception of the museum. The nucleus of the Latinx and Latin American collection, gifted in 1950, included noteworthy works by Mexican modernists such as David Alfaro Siquieros, Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo. The collection grew through donations by local collectors, including prints by Mexican artists including José Guadalupe Posada, widely known for his satirical calaveras, and Leopoldo Mendez and other members of the Taller Grafica. Contemporary Mexican artists represented in the collection include Lucio Muniain and Nestor Quiñones.

The museum owns the largest and most important group of works by Cuban artists of the generation of the 1990s, and continues to build and update that collection with additional works. The museum is known internationally for this collection which began in conjunction with the 1998 exhibition Contemporary Art from Cuba: Irony and Survival on the Utopian Island. Among the artists represented in the collection are Pedro Alvarez, José Toirac, Abel Barroso, Sandra Ramos, Carlos Estévez, René Francisco, Aimée García, Juan Carlos Alom, Ivan Capote, Eduardo Ponjuán, Alfredo Manzo, Fernando Rodríguez, Kcho and Los Carpinteros.

The museum has widened its focus with acquisitions by Brazilian artists Jarbas Lopes, Adriana Varejao, Tiago Carneiro da Cunha, Efrain Almeida and Oscar Oiwa.