Postcommodity: Repellent Fence

Repellent Fence is a temporary two-mile long land art installation intersecting the U.S./Mexico border. The installation is comprised of 26 tethered “scare eye” balloons, ten feet in diameter, floating 50 feet above the desert landscape.
Repellent Fence is a social collaborative project among individuals, communities, institutional organizations, publics and sovereigns that culminates with the establishment of a large-scale temporary monument located near Douglas, Ariz. and Agua Prieta, Mexico. According to the artists, the purpose of this installation is to bi-directionally reach across the U.S./Mexican border as a suture that stiches the peoples of the Americas together — symbolically demonstrating the interconnectedness of the Western Hemisphere by recognizing the land, indigenous peoples, history, relationships, movement and communication.
Repellent Fence is presented in collaboration with Arizona State University Art Museum and supported by grants from Creative Capital, Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, Joan Mitchell Foundation and Art Matters.
Postcommodity is an interdisciplinary arts collective comprised of Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez and Kade L. Twist. Postcommodity’s art functions as a shared Indigenous voice to engage manifestations of globalism and the ever-expanding, multinational, multiracial and multi-ethnic colonizing force that is defining the 21st century through ever increasing velocities and complex forms of violence. Postcommodity works to forge new metaphors capable of rationalizing our shared experiences within this increasingly challenging contemporary environment; promote a constructive discourse that challenges the social, political and economic processes that are destabilizing communities and geographies; and connect Indigenous narratives of cultural self-determination with the broader public.

Oct 9 to Oct 12 2015
Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Sonora
Off Campus