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Mark Klett: Ideas About Time

Arizona State University Art Museum
at the Nelson Fine Arts Center
Aug. 31 through Nov. 10, 2002

Self Portrait with Saguaro

Mark Klett, Self-portrait with Suguaro, About My Same Age, Pinacate, Sonora, 10/29/99
Silver print, 16 x 20 inches
Courtesy of the artist 


This exhibition of works by artist Mark Klett explores various ideas of time captured through the art of photography. The idea of returning to a place to encapsulate change over time is central to Klett’s work. The exhibition is an elliptical commentary on ecological change, of course, but also a melancholy observation on mutability. Curated by Director Marilyn Zeitlin, Mark Klett: Ideas About Time made its debut in the fall of 2002 at the Arizona State University Art Museum.

The exhibition is not limited to one group of works, but selected from the entire output of Klett’s work, following the thread of the concept of time throughout. It includes panoramas and sequential works. Some of the sequential works can be rearranged to alter the perception of time. Time is also an element in the digital works that Klett made in Japan of the Kobe earthquake. These include images made shortly after the disaster and later ones, when Klett returned to see ways in which people were rebuilding their lives. These were Klett’s first digital eworks; he will now return to them to rework them, a kind of fold in time in his own process. The exhibition incorporates an interactive website and CD-ROM station, which injects two other aspects of time: the performative time of the viewer, and the potentiality of change that these media offer. The artist’s most recent work is included in the exhibition.

About the Artist

Mark Klett is an internationally known photographer who specializes in perceptions of the American West. His many solo exhibitions include the National Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution and the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth. He has authored and co-authored eight books that feature his photographs and is director of the website project, Third View (www.thirdview.org). The Third View Project, in which the location and orientation of nineteenth-century photographs of the landscape were recreated in the 1970s and again in the 1990s, helps us understand the relationship between people and place in the West. The photographs form connections between past and present needed to visualize the dynamic interaction of nature and culture.

Exhibition Information

The Mark Klett exhibition includes:

  • 21 photographs / 90 framed objects
  • 50 color catalogues
  • Interpretive text panels and object labels
  • Venue availability of an interactive website and CD-ROM station

Rental Fee: $3,800.+ shipping for an 8-12 week booking
Insurance: provided by venue
Availability: February 2003 – February 2005
Security: Moderate
Space requirements: Approx. 222 running feet
Catalog: 40 pages, 20 color pages and essay by Marilyn A. Zeitlin, Director/Chief Curator, ASU Art Museum. Information regarding the catalog can be found on our publications page.


Marilyn A. Zeitlin
Director/Chief Curator
ASU Art Museum