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The Long Day: Sculpture by Claudette Schreuders

Claudette Schreuders, The Three Sisters

Claudette Schreuders, The Three Sisters.


The Long Day features eight new sculptures, lithographs and drawings by South African artist Claudette Schreuders. Schreuders is best known for her autobiographical figurative sculpture inspired by family photographs and memories and by the specific social experience of growing up white, female and Afrikaans in the broader political context of South Africa. Assembled from carved and painted wood, the works often include other materials such as iron, leather, nails and found objects, reflecting the influence of African sculpture. Schreuders’ accessible but moody works convey the revolutionary changes in South Africa and of individuals grappling with the country’s inscrutable past. “(The) sense of (my) dislocation was not only the result of a European heritage within an African context, but also the marginalization that formed part of a restrictive society that set limits and threatened to reject those who did not conform.” *

* From the artist’s statement in Liberated Voices: Contemporary Art from South Africa, The Museum for African Art, New York, 2000.

The new body of work for The Long Day is more complex. With continued emphasis on personal, individual experience, Schreuders reflects on the burden of representing contemporary South African political and social realities. Her allegorical figures range from works inspired by family history to anonymous figures observed in private moments that become political in a public space – like reading the newspaper about Rwanda in a park. Schreuders draws for inspiration from the iconography and style of African tribal art, the Colon figures of West Africa of European colonials, and Western traditions of religious woodcarving, particularly Northern and Spanish baroque sources. Taken together the works form a compelling exhibition.

The artist is creating all new work for the exhibition and a working checklist is available on request.

About the Artist 

Claudette Schreuders received a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Cape Town in 1997. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in South Africa, Japan, German, Great Britain and the United States, and solo exhibitions at the Jack Shainman Gallery in New York.

Exhibition Information

The Long Day exhibition includes: 

  • Eight new sculptures; print portfolio of nine lithographs; 10 – 15 drawings
  • Fifty color catalogs
  • Interpretive text panels and object labels

Rental Fee: $3,800 plus shipping for an 8-12 week booking
Insurance: provided by venue
Availability: Beginning in 2005
Security: Moderate
Space requirements: variable; approximately 2,500 sq feet
Catalog: 40 pages, with essays by Heather Lineberry, senior curator, ASU Art Museum and Tina Yapelli, gallery director, San Diego University. Information can be found on our publications page.

Sample Images of Claudette Schreuder's Work *

* may not be actual work in exhibition

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