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Politics can be contentious under the best of circumstances. But discussing politics is critical in an election year. So how do we do that without descending into acrimony? According to Steven J. Tepper, dean of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at ASU, designers and artists can help us gain perspective and maintain civil dialogue, even when we disagree with each other. Here's a look at three events that have done just that.
Sheikha Hussah of the royal family of Kuwait comes to Arizona State University to talk about her journey of self-discovery as a collector and how art, scholarly exchange and research can connect diverse cultures and experiences.
The Desert Botanical Garden has been filled with unusual plants. Barrel cactus, prickly pears and flowering saguaros — all made of material from Border Patrol uniforms and covered in embroidery. The messages, both written and symbolic, document individual stories of migration, and it’s just what ASU assistant professor Margarita Cabrera was hoping to cultivate with the exhibit.
In the art world, Ana Mendieta’s name is a source of sorrow, reverence and inspiration. The Cuban-born American artist’s mysterious death in 1985 is a point of intrigue, but her work stands apart from the scandal. Mendieta synthesized and advanced emergent art forms of the early ’70s, including performance, body art, earthworks, photography and film. This semester, the ASU Art Museum is exploring her legacy in "Energy Charge: Connecting to Ana Mendieta," which features an iconic... Read full story »
Arizona State University knows how to spot talent, as the latest round of “genius grants” helps prove. Lauren Redniss and Josh Kun have each been selected as 2016 MacArthur Foundation fellows, an honor that comes with a $625,000 award that winners can spend however they like. But before they were honored by MacArthur, they were recognized by ASU as having unique and valuable visions of the Southwest.
Art and public policy. They might not sound like they go together, but Kade L. Twist is proof to the contrary. The ASU School of Art alumnus works today as both a multidisciplinary artist and a public-affairs consultant, specializing in indigenous issues, and was recently named a United States Artists fellow.
Santa Fe-based artist Courtney M. Leonard grew up in the Shinnecock Nation of Long Island, New York, where culture historically revolved around whaling and water. Leonard’s exhibition “Breach: Log 16,” on view April 16 through Aug. 6 at the ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center and Brickyard Gallery, is an exploration of historical ties to water and whale, imposed law and a current relationship of material sustainability.
“Print Wikipedia,” an exhibition of artist Michael Mandiberg’s project, opened at the Denny Gallery in New York City in July 2015 to widespread and international media attention. Now, a selection of “Print Wikipedia” volumes has been acquired for the permanent collection and is being shown at Arizona State University’s Hayden Library. It is the first time they have been displayed outside of an art space setting.


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