Ceramics Research Center at the Brickyard


The ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center has been a national and international destination point for the hands-on study and enjoyment of ceramics since its opening in March 2002. The center also serves as a key educational component of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts through its teaching and research facilities. Learn more.


Open Thursday–Saturday 11 a.m.–7 p.m.
Closed on university holidays

ASU Art Museum at Nelson Fine Arts Center


ASU Art Museum is located in the Nelson Fine Arts Center, on ASU’s Tempe campus. The recipient of the 1989 American Institute of Architects Award, the Nelson Fine Arts Center was designed by Albuquerque-based architect Antione Predock and also houses dance and theatre labs and studios as well as the Galvin Playhouse. Described as a “magic mountain” and an “oasis,” the design quotes from the history of desert architecture to respond the environment and climate of the site.

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ASU Art Museum was founded in 1950 with a significant gift of American, Mexican and European artworks purchased by Oliver B. James, a prominent local lawyer. James donated close to 150 works of art over five-years. The art collection originally was installed in the lobby, hallways and offices of Matthews Library. When the new Hayden Library was completed in 1965, the books were removed and the art remained.

Creative Impact Board

ASU Art Museum's Creative Impact Board, established in 1989, serves to support the museum’s mission, functioning as an extension of our efforts in building support and audience. Creative Impact Board members serve as community liaisons between the community and the museum.

Creative Impact Board Members 2016-17

Martha Bills

David Bills


CollectionOver 12,000 objects
Collecting and Exhibition EmphasisContemporary art: new media and innovative
Crafts: emphasis on post-WWII American ceramics
Prints: historic and contemporary - American and European
Southwest Art: emphasis on Latino artists
Art of the Americas: strong historic American and modernist and contemporary Latin American works

Mission + vision

ASU Art Museum’s mission is to be a meeting point for the exchange of new ideas, perspectives and experiences among artists, students and the public through our exhibitions, residencies, collections and programs. The museum forges meaningful connections across all areas of research in order to create a better, more sustainable future. 

Mission of Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

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