Art and Sustainability

Artists engage with the persistent and complex challenges of sustainability through residencies and exhibitions.

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About the Art and Sustainability initiative


ASU Art Museum focuses on artists who engage with the persistent and interconnected social, political and environmental challenges on a local and global level. Artists work directly with scientists and humanists at ASU and with communities and organizations to question existing modalities and propose new ones. Exhibitions range from artists witnessing and reflecting in their artworks to projects generating conversations and developing concrete solutions by means of new objects, services and practices.

Past projects

Sites Around the City: Art and Environment, 2000
Defining Sustainability, 2009
Cu29: Mining for You, 2013
Feast on the Street, 2013
Trout Fishing in America and Other stories, 2015
Architecture for Place: Glenn Murcutt, 2014–2015
State of Exception, 2015
Postcommodity: Repellent Fence, 2015
The New Animist, 2016
Time/Shores, 2017
Francis Alÿs: Ciudad Juárez Projects, 2017
Hannah Barco: Fathomings, 2017
Museum of Walking: Walking and Thinking and Walking, 2017
Terrestrial, 2017–2018