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Books, magazines, photographs and ephemera related to contemporary ceramics. Open to students and researchers by appointment.

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About the Ceramics Research Archive

Photo of Susan Harnly Peterson

Susan Harnly Peterson Ceramic Research Archives

In 2002, the Susan Harnly Peterson Ceramic Research Archives at the ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center was established. The archive was founded with a major gift from Susan Harnly Peterson (1925-2009). Peterson dedicated her career to researching, writing, lecturing and teaching about ceramics. The archive includes much of her expansive personal collection of books, photographs, notes and pottery available to study. Of special interest is the extensive photographic collection of Shoji Hamada and Maria Martinez.

Susan Harnly Peterson (1925-2009) was a world-renowned ceramic artist, writer and professor. Her book publications include: Shoji Hamada: A Potter's Way and Work, the Craft and Art of Clay, and The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez.

Images from our Susan Harnly Peterson Ceramic Research Archives

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Photo of Gerry Williams

The Studio Potter Ceramic Archives

The Ceramics Research Center also holds the significant ceramic archives from The Studio Potter magazine, which document 30 years of creative activity in the field. Founded in 1972, the Studio Potter magazine, under Gerry Williams’ editorial vision, was at the forefront of offering insightful writings on technology, criticism, aesthetics and history within the ceramics community. An intrepid traveler, Williams, along with his wife Julie, amassed a trove of oral histories, transcribed interviews, photographs and journals. Many artists in the archive are represented in ASU Art Museum’s collection.

Gerry Williams (1926-2014) was a celebrated ceramist, American Craft Council Fellow, founder of Studio Potter magazine and beloved ambassador for all things clay.

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Library Collection

Our library collection houses over 3,000 titles of rare exhibition catalogues, books, periodicals and media. The collection includes personal library collections of Susan Peterson, Ralph Bacerra, Harry Dennis and James & Nan McKinnell.

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Access to the Archives

The next phase is the digitization of the archival materials so they can be accessible online, providing global access to technical, critical and historical information.

Students, collectors, museum curators and scholars can schedule appointments to examine specific works in the collection and related archival material.