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Crafting a Continuum: Rethinking Contemporary Craft

Crafting a Continuum provides the first overview of the Museum’s internationally renowned contemporary craft collection, with a media emphasis on ceramics, fiber and wood. Crafting a Continuum advances the Museum’s commitment to present the craft field within the context of contemporary art and acknowledges craft as a significant and central part of the art world.

This publication comes at a pivotal juncture when the craft field in the U.S., and elsewhere, grapples with an identity crisis that has been percolating over the last two decades. As cultural, socio-economic, technological and generational shifts reshape our worldview, all aspects of the meaning of craft are open for debate.

Richly illustrated with more than sixty highlights from the collection and edited by the exhibition's curators,Crafting a Continuum presents insightful essays by some of the most talented writers, artists, and curators, providing their views on past developments that have shaped the craft field and their thoughts on what the future might hold.

216 pgs. (English)

$45.00 ($10.00 shipping and handling)

ISBN# 0-9817957