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Defining Sustainability

Defining Sustainability, a series of dynamic and interactive projects that came together at the ASU Art Museum to define sustainability. Each exhibition or project told a story – an artist’s proposal for green transportation or a designer’s solution for recycled shade structures – which together conveyed the the interconnectedness of all things and the implications of our actions on the future. Artists, designers, faculty and students engaged the greater Phoenix community in their creative processes and in conversations about sustainability. The diverse projects ranged in materials and format, and were installed throughout the ASU Art Museum to tell stories of environmental, social and cultural sustainability. The catalog includes documentation of all the projects and texts by on art and sustainability by Nan Ellin, Andrea Feller, Peter Held, Gordon Knox, Heather Sealy Lineberry, Rob Melnick, Claudia Mesch, Simon J. Ortiz and Arnim Wiek.

64 pgs. (English)

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ISBN# 0-9817957-5-7