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Trajectory: Miguel Palma

This catalogue and exhibition mark the intersection of multiple trajectories: The arc of Palma’s career is receiving increasing international recognition. Desert communities globally are playing an increasingly pivotal role in addressing critical issues of social, political and ecological change, both known and unknown. We are also at a moment in history between decreasing terrestrial exploration and increasing extraterrestrial exploration, a shift that prompts new ethical questions and considerations. At the core of the exhibition is the Desert Initiative Remote Shuttle, commissioned as part of the Desert Initiative, which investigates ways in which meaning of place, particularly in remote desert environments, is created and communicated. The shuttle journeys into and explores the diversity of remote desert landscapes in Arizona and brings these landscapes back to urban desert settings through video projection in order to reconnect audiences with displaced native landscapes. Palma also presents a series of 100 drawings celebrating the 100 years of Arizona’s Centennial. Using collage and mixed media, each drawing addresses a specific moment or issue embedded in the history of Arizona.

124 pgs. (English)

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